The Roanoke Colony Essay Example

120 colonists go missing!? John White was a settler in the Roanoke Colony and he had no idea that there was any chance that when he went to the Outer Banks for 3 years that all the other settlers would be gone by the time he got back. No one knows what happened to the 120 settlers. There are a lot of things that we can think happened to the settlers, but none are for sure what happened. The Roanoke Colony faced the barrier of the disappearance of over 100 people. (1)

John White founded the Roanoke Colony in August of 1587 but then had to leave for a bit in the later period of 1587. (4) Roanoke is on the Coast of North Carolina. He returned in August of 1590 to find that all of the settlers, he had taken with him were gone.

They have not had any leads as to what could have happened, but we know that White left to go see his kids and wife, but then got caught up in a war. We can think that the settlers could have gotten captured and taken as slaves. We can also think that hey had moved.

(5)There was only one clue as to what happened and it was the word “Croatoan” marked on a tree. (8)Ethnologists and anthropologists believe that the word Croatoan may have been a combination of two Algonquian words meaning talk town or council town. (9)The word Croatoan found carved into a tree on Roanoke Island at the site of the Lost Colony in 1590. We know that there was an island Croatoan by the Roanoke Colony and some believe that the settlers left the Roanoke Colony to live in Croatoan.

(2)Some facts about the Colony is that it was founded on the Eastern coast of North America. (6)The group of settlers was led by Sir Richard Greenville. Greenville and White went back to retrieve supplies and see their kids/wives, but got caught up in the war and didn’t return until 3 years later. (7)People want to have the Roanoke Colony renamed to the Lost Colony because of the people who got lost there, this would be a good idea with the given information that we have. (2)After the disappearance of the settlers, more people came to the colony shockingly. And the fate of the last group of colonists is still unknown. Investigations into the fate of the Lost Colony of Roanoke have continued over the centuries, but no one has come up with a satisfactory answer. Perhaps, then, the colonists were killed or abducted by Native Americans. In 2007, efforts began to collect and analyze DNA from local families to figure out if they’re related to the Roanoke settlers, local Native American tribes or both. The lessons learned at Roanoke may have helped the next group of English settlers, who would find their own colony 17 years later just a short distance to the north, at Jamestown. (2)On 25 Mar. 1584 Raleigh received a patent from Queen Elizabeth to settle in a remote heathen and barbarous lands. Less than a month later, on April 27th, he and two partners set out on two ships for the coast of America. After approximately six weeks of discovery and trade, they returned to England with two of the Indians there. In April Raleigh sent a seven-vessel fleet commanded by his cousin, Sir Richard Grenville, to attempt another colony. (2)Grenville explored the Indian towns of Pamlico Sound before deciding to plant an English settlement under Ralph Lane on Roanoke Island. During their stay, the colonists explored the southern part of the Chesapeake Bay and up the Roanoke and Chowan Rivers, before returning to England in the spring of 1586. few days after Virginia Dare's bathing, White sailed back to England to encourage and accelerate plans to resupply and reinforce the colony. When White returned three years later, he found no colonists and only remnants of the structures they had built. (3)

(10)The search for the lost colony goes forward. No doubt will, it will continue so long as inquisitive men and women dig holes in the ground in the search for artifacts, or seek out longed-hidden records of times past. But whether or not their research turns up additional information on the fate of Virginia Dare and her fellow settlers, the much is certain: the record of Sir Walter Raleigh's colonized efforts make it clear that the history of English-speaking America began 400 years ago not at Jamestown or Plymouth Rock as so many are led to believe, but at Roanoke Island. The Lost Colony of Roanoke is still a mystery, but there are some leads as to what happened to the settlers that went missing. They could’ve moved to Croatoan. Or they could’ve also gotten captured. No one knows at the moment what specifically happened, and there is a possibility that we will never find out, but at least we could be one step closer to finding out what happened to the 120 settlers that went missing.
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