What Spin Means To Me….

What spin means to me…

Jade Newton

Well before November 2015 I had never even contemplated having a go at spin, let alone teaching it! After training how to spin and taking a few classes off a fellow team members I was ready to take the leap and teach my first class. I can remember being so nervous for my first spin I felt sick the night before and hardly slept… Silly I know! After my first class I was over the moon and had such a buzz. My self-confidence isn’t overly high, but after that first session I was on such a high.

After a few months of instructing spin, was when I found a place where I could be myself and I didn’t have to worry what I looked like, what I was doing, or what had happened that day … as everyone else was there for the same reason! This is a big thing for me, I’ve always felt judged, struggled to switch off and when I’m spinning I don’t even think about it, it’s like I’m in my own zone .. My mind can stop and I can just concentrate on being there on the bike.

I enjoy being part of the Absolute Spin team as there is no judgement only encouragement, I wasn’t so sure at first if I had it in me to be a spin instructor and it wasn’t until I heard compliments from the team and clients that I felt I should embrace it and trust that this was another experience I was meant to enjoy. A year on and I’m still spinning, still hitting new limits for myself and still enjoying it!

You can be the fittest of the fittest or never done a bit of exercise in your life and you will always come and feel like you’re at home and on par with everyone else. Everyone is there for the same reason, everyone is on a journey for themselves whether you’re just starting out or whether you’ve been spinning for months or even years. It’s not about anyone else it’s about you…

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