What Spin Means To Me….

What Spin means to me …

TJ Hill

I first tried spin nearly 8 years ago, I like many people had been finding doing my cardio alone one a treadmill or cross trainer in the gym pretty boring and was finding that I just wasn’t pushing myself as hard as I should have been.

A friend of mine suggested I go to a spin class with him, he’s in his 70’s and done spin at least three times a week. I thought to myself “how hard can it be if my 70 year old friend can do it “. So I Went along with him, OMG! I was dying by the end of the class, hot sweaty and my legs and lungs were on fire.

Being in a class with other people of all ages and abilities, with pumping music and a fun atmosphere was awesome. It kept me going, I worked hard and really enjoyed the challenge. The first few classes I struggled most with as I was still getting used to the bike and class format. After a few weeks of doing three classes a week my fitness went up along with my strength and I was smashing my classes and feeling fantastic. I was hooked!

When iIgot the opportunity to qualify as spin instructor as part of my personal trainer qualification I jumped at the chance.

I’ve been teaching spin for nearly 5 years now and still absolutely love it! I love that I can now help people who were in the position I was in when I first started. It’s very rewarding seeing the people in my spin classes getting fitter, more confident in themselves, working hard but having fun doing it.

I’ve seen so many people go from their first class being so nervous and finding it tough to being full confidence and now smashing each class and just getting fitter. It’s fantastic to see and it’s why I love being a spin instructor.