That Workout High, What is it?

Why do you feel on a high after a workout?

The phrase “workout high” is thought to be the result of the body’s natural endorphins flooding the body.

So lets get to the topic what are endorphins, anyway?

Endorphins are hormones that are secreted by the pituitary gland and reach all tissues in the body. There effects have an effect on mood and in muscle they have an effect on pain perception.

Endorphins feel good right?

That incredible feeling after a sweaty workout….

But are they actually doing anything good for you?

Endorphins are seriously powerful hormone! There are several psychological and physiological changes, on major one being mood state changes, where they can work like antidepressants to improve your mood an exercise induced euphoria.

Endorphins help people push harder and work out stronger. Ever heard of the phrase “fight-or-flight” response triggers endorphins. The stories of people showing near super-human strength in some of the most extreme physical challenges, well that’s all down to endorphins.

How long can people feel on a high for?

Most people will feel the “workout high” for at least 60 minutes post-workout, but others claim that working out in the morning can cause a change in their mood for the entire workday.

Are there any long-term benefits?

Beyond the health benefits of working out, endorphins themselves have great benefits in helping improve mood stabilization, sleep quality and overall recovery post workout.

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